Being a business owner can be a lonely place and sometimes you simply need to bounce ideas off someone that has been there and done it. Other times you may wish to focus 100% on what you do and leave the banding and marketing to someone else freeing up more of your time.

Adverting.co.uk is a renowned company specialising in helping local business's gain an advantage over their competitors, with a passion for creating captivating page 1 ranking websites, recognisable logo's, perfect colour scheme's and social media audiences and generally helping you develope your business.

Our goal is to create lasting and meaningful relationships between your brand and your customers through smart thinking and thoughtful marketing. We aim to do this by crafting stories that touch people on a personal level, sparking a change in their everyday behavior, generating more business for your business!

Want your business to be the talk of the town for all the right reasons? - we can do that!


What part of your branding do your customers remember? Is it the colour scheme? Do you have a quirky logo?

Example - Recently we change a company's colour scheme from grey to a deep blue. It's fair to say this wasn't a welcomed change but with the correct guidence the business owner agreed. As quickly as the following week they started to see an increase in business. Within four weeks the colour was so recognisable the business had totally turned around. A few months on, is now one of the most sought after companies in the area. Why though? It simply reflected their audience better!

Another great example was a company we work with that has to take a lot of photo's of their work in order to advertise their services. We suggested a particular colour scheme that would appear in the commercial premises and behind every single photo they took. The result was, customers knew where the photo was taken without mentioning the company name as it became so recognisable in the local community.

In short, it's important to become recognisable to your clients and easy to remember, before any of the hard work starts - We can do that!


You have a memorable logo and a superb colour scheme. Now what?

Easy - you need to replicate it everywhere. Your signage may be blue, but why is your business card white? Little inaccuaracies like this break your branding continuity. Once you have chosen a colour scheme stick with it and ensure it is everywhere. It's amazing how quickly people will remember it even if they don't remember your business name to start with.

We currently have a client that uses their colour scheme as a tone over each and every photograph they take. Customers don't even realise there is an undertone to the images, but they recognise the photo's must have been taken by that company, because it is in their 'style'. Their business cards, work wear, pen ink, photos, font colour, mouse mat colour, even the envelopes they send letters out in, are all identical colours. They became recognisable seemingly over night.

Brand consistency - We can do that!


We all like taking a nap, however no one likes NAPS more than google!

Simply put, NAPS stands to Name, Address, Phone Numbers. This information is so important that if there is a single mistake google will penelise you for it. When we say you have to be everywhere you need to think where your customers will be and simply be there at the same time. The majority of the population is on facebook so it is very important to be there. But also there is instagram, pinterest, twitter, yell, google, bing, yahoo, and without exagerating, over 400 other directories just in the UK alone. Each one of the above checks the other to make sure they are the same.

If you have a slightly larger budget you could advertise in your local town or do a leaflet drop.

Being everywhere - We can do that!


Did you know that 23% of millenials start their search on social media?

Did you know that 81% of people perform some kind of online research before making a purchase?

Did you know 61% of mobile phone online searchers will visit a store within 5 miles?

Did you know 86% of people will look up the location of your business using google maps?

Did you know 50% of your website visitors will leave if your website take 2 seconds to load?

As you can see, even if your business doesn't sell online, the importance of being online, fast and mobile friendly will have a huge impact on your business.

Super fast, mobile friendly and perfectly branded website - We can do that!


Simply having a social media page just isn't enough anymore. You need to engage and have an authorative presence to capture the imagination of your target audience.

Adverting.co.uk will help you create design, post and engage your future customers.



The sooner you contact us the sooner we can start generating more customers for your business.